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We have access to Dialogy's which helps us to define your vehicles specification to make sure that our parts are correct for your vehicle.

Fitting a Turbo

The main cause of Turbo Failure are as follows:

  • Impact damage (Blades)
  • Hot shut down (Let your vehicle idle for 15 seconds before shut down)
  • Oil Starvation (Blocked feed pipes) we insist on fitting a new oil feed pipe !!
  • Oil Contamination (Debris in oil supply)
  • Over Boost (Faulty Wastegate/Boost Control)
  • Cold Starts (Let your engine warm up first)

On fitting a new Turbo, it is essential that the induction system is thoroughly cleaned out (Air filter, intercooler, pipework, oil filter etc.) before the new part is fitted. We also insist on fitting a new oil feed pipe - failure to do so will result in oil starvation to the turbo causing mechanical failure. 

Our parts come with a 12 month Renault main dealer warranty as they are supplied by Renault. Renault UK advise on fitting a new oil feed pipe when fitting a new turbo. If you have not done this and the turbo fails your warranty will be nil and void.

Any debris from the old turbo which is still in the system will cause immediate damage to the new unit. Always make sure a professional carries out the work.

Terms and Conditions

If the Turbo is fitted incorrectly or damaged by any debris from the previous turbo, we will not be held responsible and all repair costs will be met by the fitter/garage carrying out the work. 

When installing a new Turbo, we strongly advise the fitment of a new oil feed pipe available from us here on our web site.

Oil starvation is the main cause of Turbo Failure.

If the Turbo is altered in any way (tuned or mechanically enhanced etc.), all warranties that we provide become null and void.

Fitting a Diesel Injector

The main cause of diesel injector failure is contamination in the fuel system. Before fitting new injectors please do the following:

  • Flush the entire fuel system
  • Check the diesel pump for internal damage
  • Drain the fuel tank
  • Clean the fuel pipes
  • Fit a new fuel filter
If any of the above is not carried out, this will result in injector failure.

Terms and Conditions

If an Injector is fitted incorrectly or damaged during installation, we will not be held responsible and all repair costs will be met by the fitter/garage carrying out the work.

If the Injector is fitted incorrectly, all warranties that we provide become null and void.

We will not pay for any damage caused by the incorrect fitting of any equipment that we supply.

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