What are our company details?
RamInduction Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 7848132. We are a member of the renault trade partners network. Our VAT number is GB128256903.
Are the parts we sell brand new?
All items that we sell are genuine Renault parts that come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty. On engines there is a 60,000 mile / 12 month warranty ( parts and labour )
Do you ship parts worldwide?
Yes we do! We ship parts worldwide. If you are calling from overseas, don't forget to include the UK country code which is +44.
Will the Part I ordered fit my vehicle?
Yes. 100% Guaranteed. We download your factory build sheet using your vehicle registration and Chassis number before we take the order to make sure that the part we supply is the exact part for your vehicle.
Are the parts easy to fit?
The parts that we supply are specialist items and we always recommend that a professional with experience fit the items. It is essential that the Induction system, Air filter, Oil Filter and the oil is changed when fitting a new Turbo as damage can occur if these precautions are not taken.
Can you supply other parts not on the website?
Yes, that's not a problem. We can supply any part for your vehicle on request. Just give us a ring on 01282 680876.
How long does delivery take?
We pride ourselves on a fast, efficient delivery which usually takes around 48 hours using UPS or Royal mail.
How much does delivery cost?
Local deliveries are free. Otherwise, delivery is via UPS or Royal mail and costs vary between £4.00 for single injectors, £12 for turbos, £30 for gear boxes, £65 for engines all within the UK. Contact us direct for worldwide shipping costs.
Ive bought a new turbo - Should i fit a new oil feed pipe ?
Yes. It is extremely important and failure to do so will result in absolute turbo failure. We insist on fitting a new oil feed pipe as these become blocked and restrict oil flow to the turbo. If a new oil feed pipe is NOT fitted, it will destroy your turbo. This will result in the warranty being nil & void. Proof of all 3 items being fitted ( + receipts ) will be required in the event of a warranty claim. We also recommend a new oil filter and air filter.
Do you provide a fitting guide?
Yes. Fitting guides are available using the link at the top of the page.
I've seen what I want, how do I buy it?
We take credit and debit card payments over the phone. Just call us on 01282 680876 and speak direct to the trade sales team.
What is our Returns Policy?
If the part is faulty due to a manufacturer fault, a replacement unit will be supplied. If the Turbo has failed due to incorrect fitting or insufficient cleansing of the induction system the warrenty is nil and void. Faulty units will be examined by an independent assessor and a full report will be sent to the customer as well as RamInduction. RamInduction must be notified of any problems within 7 days of purchase. We at RamInduction cannot stress the importance of taking all the mentioned precautions when fitting a new turbo. Negligence will result in complete failure of the turbo and a refund will not be given. If fitted correctly to a well maintaned engine, the turbo will last the lifetime of the car if looked after correctly. IF ANY PARTS FAIL DUE TO INCORRECT FITMENT THE WARRANTY IS NIL & VOID. A REFUND WILL NOT BE GIVEN IF YOU HAVE DAMAGED THE PARTS OR A FAULTY PART ON YOUR VEHICLE HAS CAUSED DAMAGE TO THE SUPPLIED GOODS. IF YOU HAVE A RENAULT VEHICLE SIMPLY BOOK THE CAR / VAN INTO YOUR LOCAL DEALER FOR A FAULT DIAGNOSIS UNDER NEW PARTS 12 MONTH WARRANTY SUPPLY - CONTACT US FIRST FOR RENAULT WARRANTY INFO. VAUXHALL / NISSAN VEHICLES - THE UNIT MUST BE RETURNED AND INSPECTED FIRST - IF FOUND TO BE A MANUFACTURERS FAULT WE WILL REPLACE THE ITEM. IF ANY WORK YOU HAVE DONE IS CAUSING THE FAULT YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR WORK CARRIED OUT TO CORRECT THIS. ANY ISSUES MUST BE BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION WITHIN 7 DAYS OF PURCHASE. WE DO NOT COVER ANY CHARGES SUCH AS HIRE VEHICLES WHILST YOUR VEHICLE IS OFF THE ROAD. WE DO NOT COLLECT VEHICLES FOR WARRANTY WORK. THE PARTS WE SUPPLY ARE RENAULT ITEMS - ALTHOUGH THEY FIT OTHER VEHICLES WE CANNOT OFFER A RENAULT MAIN DEALER WARRANTY WITH THEM - IN THIS CASE OUR OWN WARRANTY SYSTEM APPLIES AS STATED. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE ABOVE INFORMATION PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE. PLEASE BE AWARE, ANY RETURNS WILL HOLD A 10% HANDLING CHARGE.
Do you have a surcharge policy?
Yes - on engines there is a £180 surcharge which is refundable on receipt of the old unit. If we collect the old unit there is a £60 charge and we will deduct this from the surcharge. If you return the old unit to us at your cost we refund you the full surcharge. On turbo chargers there is a £50 surcharge which is refundable on receipt of the old unit.
A part I purchased is faulty
No problem - give us a call and we will be glad to help. Any parts we supply that your garage has diagnosed as faulty must be inspected by ourselves. We will diagnose the fault and if a part is faulty we will be more than happy to replace it. All warranty work must be carried out by ourselves. If a part has gone faulty and repaired / replaced by a third party without notifying us WE WILL NOT COVER THESE COSTS. All warranty work MUST go through Ram Induction Ltd.
Surcharge Refund
All surcharges will be refunded on the return of the old unit. It is up to you the customer to return the old unit to us. We can arrange to collect the old unit if you wish but the collection charge will be deducted from your surcharge refund. If you are looking for a courier try .... www.parcel2go.com